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Many people ask us how we have obtained our excellent quality in so little time. There is no secret for us. We just try to reflect the added value of the job in every harvest, respecting the origin in each bottle.

Our history begins when the Hoppe family, of German origin and coming from the south of Chile, after more than 35 years in the fruit field, decided to go for the passionate world of the wine. After studying more than 52 different terroirs, with the aim of planting a quality vineyard, they chose the Fundo Parrones de Peralillo, in the coast side of Colchagua Valley. A privileged place because of its climate, luminosity and coastal influence. That was how in 1998 the innovative “Viña Peralillo” project became a reality, allowing producing internationally recognized wines.

After some time we realized that it was also possible to make the most of every corner of other valleys. Currently, we are located in our new premises in Olivar, Rancagua, in the middle of Cachapoal Valley, 80 km south of Santiago. Here we have our new plantations, amidst a wine paradise together with our incomparable Andes Mountains, with landscapes and climates which make this terroir a place with very special characteristics, which are reflected in wines with character, of great elegance and a perfect combination between the sweetness and acidity.


Our aim is to produce wines thinking on the final consumer, worrying about the most important of this beautiful job: the selected grapes wine making.

We take care of every stage of our process so we want to create and innovate, giving birth to new styles, with the best team cultivating our fields in the best Chilean wine areas. We are convinced that this way we will be able to make the best of every variety.

Work team

Our company is led by a passionate, creative and enterprising team. With a group of excellence is possible to build our dreams and make our wines. Every bottle has the best of everyone and the daily fellowship is transmitted to all of us. Everybody committed to one aim: turning Viña Peralillo into a winery recognized by its wines of excellence.

Vanguard and technology in our processes

Our oenological spirit is to make a high quality wine making process. Hence, we use a vanguardist and modern concept of high technology where we carry out our wines fermentation, making, bottling and aging processes. With a meticulous job we obtain a finished product with optimal results.