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Our passion for the wine has allowed us looking for the most important in a wine: first quality grapes. All of our fruit is carefully selected and brought to our productive and oenological processes, with the aim of making every bottle to be a faithful representative of its origin. This is because we have selected excellent valleys to develop our job, like:

Colchagua Valley

In the past it was thought that Colchagua was the same than any other place, but if there is something we have discovered in the recent years is its tremendous diversity. In Viña Peralillo, we know it because we know very well this traditional area, “huasa” par excellence. Colchagua is a central appellation in the history of the Chilean wine and it is internationally recognized because of the quality of its wines. Some of the best Chilean wines come from this valley and in part this is due to its soils, some of them of alluvial origin, with an exceptional climate, which has turned Colchagua into a Chilean benchmark internationally.

Maule Valley

Maule Valley has been the biggest Chilean producer for years and its enormous size gives us every year juicy fruits which keep a fresh character. Apart from this natural advantage, the grapes we select from this D.O. have the grace to come from new areas which are being explored within the valley. Lontué is one of them, a wonderful place whose soils and favorable climatic conditions make Maule a privileged place to make our wines.

Maipo Valley

The Maipo Valley is the most ancient wine zone of Chile, located in the Metropolitan Region at Santiago, where the first grapevines were planted. Zone of great wine location, follows the course of the Maipo River from the piedmont of the Andes Mountain Chain, up to the Maipo’s and Talagante Island, to the Southwest of Santiago. The climate of this region is a Mediterranean type with definitive well stations, small risk of rain during the vintage time, which turns out to be ideal for the culture of the grapevines and quality production in the red wines.